Song Information
Kristian lejnih zazhigaj solntse
Song by Elena Temnikova
from the album Фабрика звёзд 2
Released 1 January 2003
Genre Pop
Length 3:41
Label Monolit Records
Writer Irina Sekacheva
Producer Maxim Fadeev

Дальше всех (transliterated: Dal'she vsekh; translated as: furthest) Also known as Беги (Begi) is Elena Temnikova's song. It was relased as as single in June 2003 while she was a contestant on Star Factory 2 (a TV show for young music artists like American Idol, which is broadcast on Channel One Russia). The song was included on the soundtrack of the contest


5. "Дальше всех" - 3:41

15. "Тайна" - 3:02